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Believe in Magic by Clowns4TheLord Believe in Magic :iconclowns4thelord:Clowns4TheLord 1 0 Dreaming by Clowns4TheLord Dreaming :iconclowns4thelord:Clowns4TheLord 0 0
Twenty Tears to Asphodel Ch. 2
A hand on her shoulder jerked Raj out of her memories. Andre stood over her, watching with understanding eyes.
"I thought you would come here." Raj diverted her eyes to the little statue still clutched in her hand. "You miss him don't you?"
A flash of lightning paired with deafening thunder sent Raj lurching back into Andre, who closed his hands protectively around her shoulders. Just then, in the doorway, a ghostly-white figure poked its head inside. Andre didn't seem to notice the boy, but Raj did. He resembled Raj in almost every way- the snowy hair and pale skin accompanied by a small stature that gazed with observant gray eyes all matched the features on Raj.
"Did you see that?" She asked Andre.
"Yeah, that lightning looked like it could have come in the window." He remarked, leading Raj out of the exhibit to the exit.
"Not the lightning, the ghost boy. Did you see him?"
"What are you talking about Raj? Nobody else was in there except for us."
"He was there, I know it." Andre bega
:iconclowns4thelord:Clowns4TheLord 0 0
Twenty Tears to Asphodel Ch. 1
Far away from the world that most people believe is the one and only reality, there is a country called Amicitiae. It is a land upheld through the imaginations of children. It is a place every child hears of in stories and fairy tales, and a world every child dreams of. Many beings reside in Amicitiae, such as fairies, elves, unicorns, centaurs, dragons and such a number more, I would be naming the creatures for countless years.
The story you are about to read centers around a very special creature, one I am sure none of you have ever heard of. It is called a wiggin. But you will learn more about these humanoid hybrids later. For now, let us get on with the story at hand.
We begin with a girl named Rajata Myles, though you would be rewarded with a knuckle sandwich if you called her that. Raj was her preferred name. Anyway, she was one of the children who knew about Amicitiae and what lived there. Wiggins were created by her writing down every detail about them that came into her head.
:iconclowns4thelord:Clowns4TheLord 0 0
To Kill a Mockingbird meets Abbey Road by Clowns4TheLord To Kill a Mockingbird meets Abbey Road :iconclowns4thelord:Clowns4TheLord 3 0 Zsa Zsa in Captivity by Clowns4TheLord Zsa Zsa in Captivity :iconclowns4thelord:Clowns4TheLord 0 0 Distant Light by Clowns4TheLord Distant Light :iconclowns4thelord:Clowns4TheLord 0 0 Phantom by Clowns4TheLord Phantom :iconclowns4thelord:Clowns4TheLord 0 0
Poem for the Tell-Tale Heart
Mad I am not
Listen how I tell
How on that eighth night
From my grasp the lantern fell
I was rid of that one vulture eye
That caused my blood run cold
Dull and blue and thinly veiled
Now watch my tale unfold
The man of course I loved him so
At midnight I snuck to his door
Cautious, mysterious, quick and quiet
To watch him sleep was near a chore
Accidently the old man woke
When he heard my lantern slip
And so after such a time of waiting
I opened the lantern just a chip
Then I saw the blue I loathed
It froze the marrow in all my bone
Then another tormenting sound
I feared my deed be known
The old man's heart I knew I heard
Louder every moment!
I feared so- neighbors would know
My patience had been spent
Into the room I threw myself
The bed I flung on him
I rid myself of heart and eye
Now cut off every limb
I was hasty, I was silent
He was dead, stone cold dead
And with a tub to catch all blood
Off came arms and legs and head!
Underfoot each piece was placed
So cleverly cunning, no man's
:iconclowns4thelord:Clowns4TheLord 3 0
Big Fairy Man by Clowns4TheLord Big Fairy Man :iconclowns4thelord:Clowns4TheLord 1 0 A Wiggin by Clowns4TheLord A Wiggin :iconclowns4thelord:Clowns4TheLord 0 0 The Broken Timepiece by Clowns4TheLord The Broken Timepiece :iconclowns4thelord:Clowns4TheLord 1 0 Jedi Collage by Clowns4TheLord Jedi Collage :iconclowns4thelord:Clowns4TheLord 0 0 Jill is Blown into Narnia by Clowns4TheLord Jill is Blown into Narnia :iconclowns4thelord:Clowns4TheLord 5 2
       You know that feeling when you believe that something could never happen in your life, and then suddenly, it does happen? Yeah, that's what I feel like right now. I never thought something like this would hit so close to home.
       Everybody hears about these things. Job loss, cancer, death of a loved one, family being sent to Afganistan- the list could go on forever. The truth is that we hear about it but it isn't real to us until we experience it.
       I never thought it could happen. Sure, I knew people that this had happened to, but it was never real. Now when people talk about it, it hurts. I know what it feels like to have somebody in my own home suffering. I didn't want my worst fears coming true, but they have. I asked God so many times before I found out "Please don't let it be true. Please let me be wrong again." I had thought the worst so many times and had bee
:iconclowns4thelord:Clowns4TheLord 0 0
Broken world, Dream land
I'm living in a broken world
There's nothing left to do
Around me buzz the sounds of people
Their words never seem to break through
Invisible am I
I'm barely even here
These people wouldn't notice me
To them, I give a sneer
Do you really need to broadcast
Every single word?
Gossip, profanity, complaints, that useless language
It can all be heard
You'd never think I'm listening
My face is hidden in a book
But I know what you think is secret
Your volume needs some work
While some will choose to talk
No, shout and scream
Across hallways and rooms
Others, like I, use silent words to dream
I know a better place is waiting
It's ready just for me
My world of dreams is quiet and sweet
A place where I can flee.
The broken world would be no more
No trace of it left behind
There's more to life than this
Trust me, it's something worth a find
This place I know of is made for those who believe
Whoever should dare to have dreams
Beyond this world of broken people, problems ignored
In this world that'
:iconclowns4thelord:Clowns4TheLord 0 0
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Paperman by alicexz Paperman :iconalicexz:alicexz 13,543 512 Lightspeed by jpzilla Lightspeed :iconjpzilla:jpzilla 531 99 Chosen by Teq-Uila Chosen :iconteq-uila:Teq-Uila 197 101
The Story of Lila
Once upon a time, there was a girl named Lila.
Now, Lila wasn't like the other girls. While they liked to prance around in frilly outfits, Lila preferred her play pants.
Lila liked to run around and fish and swim. The other girls were grossed out by the worms and insects Lila found so fascinating.
She liked to play dress-up and pretend. Sometimes she would pretend she was a princess or a mommy, but most often, she'd pretend she was a prince or a hero or a daddy.
Sometimes she would play dolls or house with the other girls, but most of the time, she preferred the company of the boys instead.
As Lila got older, and the other girls got into makeup and clothes and gossip, Lila found herself not wanting to have anything to do with them. She felt that they only cared about their appearance and didn't like to talk about smart things like she did. She thought it made them silly and stupid.
Lila continued to be friends mainly with the boys, but sometimes she wished she had more female friends t
:iconc4bl3fl4m3:C4bl3Fl4m3 49 21
On Being Genderqueer
As someone who doesn't fit the gender binary, but is closer to fitting as a man than as a woman, I know that I sometimes find it much harder for me to bring up trans issues than stuff about my sexuality. I'm someone who didn't have a feminine personality until I was 16, and even now, it is pretty much a construct. Now, I have fun pretending to be a girl, but that's what it feels like for me.
When I cut my hair recently, a few days later I was binding and wearing guys clothes, and I realized that I was seeing myself when I looked in the mirror again. I hadn't really felt like it had been me that I was seeing for the past three years.
I don't know what the reason for it is, though there are physical things that seem related that I have learned about over the years: I have much higher testosterone levels than average for a girl among other things. When I was a kid (and even to some extent still), guys social dynamic made a lot more sense and I fit into it, while I was completely at a loss
:iconqueenofairanddarness:queenofairanddarness 50 49
transgender restroom? by iAMaLOSTcause transgender restroom? :iconiamalostcause:iAMaLOSTcause 232 55
the prayer of a transgender
God in heaven
Give me the courage to come out
My family the power to understand
To see that their daughter
is trapped in the body of a man
God in heaven
I know you love me
I need the wisdom to become
the woman I feel I should be
:iconwerewolf-hero:Werewolf-Hero 74 111
The Wood Between the Worlds by Felt-heart The Wood Between the Worlds :iconfelt-heart:Felt-heart 55 17 Why do I write by CrumbledWings Why do I write :iconcrumbledwings:CrumbledWings 916 139 invisibility cloak by Mariey invisibility cloak :iconmariey:Mariey 32 2 Androgynous. by teh-secks Androgynous. :iconteh-secks:teh-secks 44 71
Just a woman
Don't tell me I'm small, weak, and vulnerable
When I am tall, strong, and powerful
Don't say a man can't hit me
because I can protect myself.
I'll let him open the door for me
but sometimes I'll do it for him.
Maybe I don't wear make-up (or even shave my legs)
because I like how I look.
Just because I wear masculine clothes
doesn't mean I'm trying to hide myself.
Don't assume I'm gay
Don't assume I'm straight.
I am proud of my strong arms
of my short hair
of my athletic ability
I'm not good for a "female athlete"
I'm good for any athlete.
Don't tell me I'm a workaholic
for having a full time job
while my husband takes care of the kids;
look, I bring home the bacon.
Just because I'm the minority,
doesn't mean I'm not there.
:iconadrianpink:Adrianpink 20 24
Charlie by IanBaggley Charlie :iconianbaggley:IanBaggley 3 5
Magic Isn't Real
     I let the purple tears drip down my cheeks. It didn't matter; there was no one to see me. Even if there was, I don't imagine they could think I was more pathetic than they already did. I plucked a feather off my desk, and dipped it in the ink. Here and now, I will begin my fairy tale.
      Once upon a time, there was a young man. He was in a prince in the Violet Kingdom, and one day, he was approached by a strange man. This man told him that he could teach him the ways of magic, and intrigued, the prince agreed.
     For many months he met this man in secret. Eventually, the man told him that he had nothing left to teach him, and that he should embark on some sort of quest to test his abilities. The prince was confused by this statement, but he agreed, and waited for his chance to prove himself.
     The next day, news came that the princess of the neighboring Fuchsia kingd
:iconhystericalnapoleon:HystericalNapoleon 10 8
Tomboy II by luzifer-photos Tomboy II :iconluzifer-photos:luzifer-photos 51 4

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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
United States
I'm a weird kid, with an immeasureable amount of quirks.
I drink applesauce and don't care who stares at me.
Some of my biggest heroes in life include Atticus Finch, Qui-Gon Jinn, and Albus Dumbledore.
I believe socks aren't supposed to match anything- not even themselves.
Once there's a pencil in my hand, I have a nearly unstoppable urge to doodle.
But I guess that's all just called being a teenager.
Alrighty then, I've been tagged by LilyBlossom.

1. You must post the rules.
2. Each person must post 5 things about themselves in their journal
3. Answer the questions the tagger set for you in their post, and create ten new questions for the people you tag to answer.
4. You have to choose 10 people to tag and post their icons on your journal.
5. Go to their page and tell them you have tagged them.
6. No tag backs
7. No stuff in the tagging section about "you're tagged if you're reading this". You legitimately have to tag 10 people.

1: How do you feel about doing this? THE TAGG THINGY!!!
A: I haven't really legitimately been tagged before, but it's cool.

2: What do you perfer a mokaracoongarooird (a monkey, racoon and kangaroo hybrid WITH WINGS and that has the ability to fly!!! ) or a seauniconwithataillikeasnakeiger (a seahorse with a unicorn horn [that can protect you if you wanna go under wather so you don't get killed] and the swilly tail is a snake but has strips (in anycolor) like a tiger and can it turn into a tiger on land!!!!.
A: hmmm... all of the above!

3.Tocos or Burritos? (well I don't want either....Not a fan of beans but if they don't got any than sure)
A: I like tacos, if they don't fall apart. I like eating the shell like it's a big chip. But burritos are really good too...

4. you like anime? If you do do you like it better than the American kind?
A: Does Avatar Last Airbender qualify as anime? Cuz otherwise, not really.

5: Do you wish to wake up one mornig to find 5 golden rings, a peanut butter jar with a packet of oreos or a vegetarian zombie Elvis eating a PPB and banana sandwich?
A: Peanut butter jar and oreos.

6: If you spilled a glass of a words what would it look like?
A: Yoda language. Speak in Yoda, I do.

7:Which one do you do more often (AND YOU MUST ANSWER ONE!!!) you randomly go up to a stranger and start yelling at him/her or do you go to your mirror to make funny faces.
A: Make funny faces in the mirror

8: Do you really believe 7 ate 9? If so do you think that that's how 7 got lucky?
A: No, it's all a conspiracy theory. The truth is that three is going undercover as seven and it was the one that ate nine. Three is in cahoots with eight so they can take over 9 more easily. Eight hates being teased like that with the whole ate eight thing.

9: Which is more luckier? 69, 666, FFF, 13,? (also a bonus between 3 and 7 which is luckier?)
A: 13, but don't be the first to get up from a table of 13 or you'll die soon. And 7 is the most powerfully magical number, so it's the best.

10: Now... for the real thing....Do you think people eat PB&J more or PB&H (peanutbutter and honey)?


Alrighty then, Question #1.... What's the capital of New Zealand? ('Cause I honestly don't know )
A: Uhh... You told me this, Lauren! Why don't I remember?!

Question #2: Did you think that was random? Do you think it shouldn't have been on here?
A: No. Just because I know the person this is coming from.

Question #3: What the HECK is a Hufflepuff?
A: Hufflepuffs are particularly good finders! *looks around and then quietly sits down with a stupid smile on face*

Question #4: Did you understand the joke in Question #4? (If you did, you are totally awesome! ... Haha, did you get that joke?)
A: It was question 3, and ALWAYS!

Question #5: Do you like the questions I've set for you so far? Do you think they should be more about YOU?
A: But they are about me! They're about Hufflepuffs!

Question #6: Okay, here's one about you. Have you been tagged before? Like, before I tagged you?
A: I don't think so.

Question #7: Do you like being tagged? Do you not like being tagged?
A: I'm pretty indifferent to the whole thing.

Question #9: What's your favorite color?
A: Forest green/Army green.

Question #10: What do you like on your pizza?
A: Meat!!!!!

Question #11: Did you notice how I skipped #8? Did you just check (ya cheater)?
A: Once I saw that this was question 11.

I will come back later and do this...


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